People pay attention to the beauty of their images throughout their lives, and hair is the most prominent of them. People who care about hair care every day try to make them look beautiful. However, hair loss occurs due to natural causes, stress and distress. There are many different methods to deal with this problem, but the most precise method is hair transplantation.

There are basic principles in all methods of hair transplantation operations. These principles are:

  • 1. Local anesthesia and collection of hair follicles
  • 2. Opening Channels
  • 3. Cultivation of roots

Stage 1 Local anesthesia and collection of hair follicles

After determination of the areas where hair follicles will be taken and transplanted, the donor area is anesthetized by micro-needles or special creams. After about 5 to 10 minutes of anesthesia, the hair follicles are taken individually from the donor area with FUE micro motors in single, bilateral or multiple groups together with the tissues. Hair roots are counted and ready for planting in special solutions. This stage lasts between 1 and 3 hours.

Stage 2 – Opening of the required channels for the sowing process

The materials to be used in FUE hair transplantation are determined by the thickness, number and length of hair follicles taken from the donor area. The channels for the hair roots are opened in the area where the transplantation takes place. This stage lasts from 45 to 90 minutes on average.

Stage 3 Root planting

Hair follicles taken from the donor area are selected from the solutions and transported to the channels in the area where the transplantation will be performed. After completion of this procedure, the patient undergoes PRP (a process that nourishes the skin and plays an important role in wound healing). This phase is completed in 2 – 3 hours. After the operation, in order to prevent infection in the applied area and to facilitate the healing of wounds, the next day, the dressing area is dressed and closed.

How to do hair transplantation?

With the advancement of technology, hair transplantation is now easier and more effective than ever. Previously known as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), the method in which the hair follicles were taken in clusters by surgical cutting of the skin is no longer preferred because of the fact that they are laborious and leave permanent marks on the patients. Today, the gold standard for hair transplantation is known as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). In this method, which is also preferred by Istanbul Hairline, hair roots are taken from the donor region one by one and transplanted with the help of special devices.

Sapphire FUE

FUE technique is the newest technique used today in Hair Transplantation. The donor hair is removed within a few hours by the help of a micro-motor from the back of the head, that is to say from the neck and sides, and is transplanted into the initial free and balding areas. Thus, the golf courses in the temple area can be refilled and advanced hair loss can be solved. In the following article, you can reach the advantages and disadvantages of FUE method compared to other methods in Hair Transplantation.

Fundamentals of Hair Transplantation

  • Persons between 20 and 60 years of age may have hair.
  • The operation will be enough for a 3-day period before and after the operation.
  • Operation time is approximately 6 – 8 hours depending on the amount of root needed.
  • Operation in a fully equipped hospital setting is necessary for immediate intervention in a possible complication.
  • The operation is carried out with a doctor and at least 3 medical personnel who are experts in their field.
  • The exact results take between 6 months and 18 months. In other words, hair can continue to grow up to 18 months from the day of operation.

With the development of technology, new developments occur in hair transplantation and hair loss treatments every day.

The FUE Hair Transplant Method is one of the most common hair transplantation techniques. The natural results obtained by FUE Hair Transplantation are achieved. FUE Hair Transplants used in the Metal Slit (Steel Slit) instead of the very precious metal Safir special inserts are used. Instead of metal slits, natural results were carried a step further by using special tools with sapphire tip. Thanks to these sapphire nibs, small micro channels can be opened in the area where hair follicles will be planted and minimal crusting occurs. Thus, the improvement becomes shorter.

Comparison of FUE Hair Transplantation with Sapphire FUE and Metal Slit

FUE Hair Transplantation Technique is the use of special inserts produced from sapphire instead of metal slit (steel slit) at the grooving stage.

FUE Hair Transplantation with sapphire tip is not a new hair transplantation technique, it is an innovation applied in FUE Hair Transplantation Method. Thanks to these sapphire nibs, small micro channels can be opened in the area where hair follicles will be planted and minimal crusting occurs. Thus, the improvement becomes shorter.

In FUE Hair Transplant Method (Follicular Unit Extraction) performed with a sapphire tip, the hair follicles are taken from the donor region by micro-motor under local anesthesia, using micro-tips with diameters ranging from 0.6 – 0.7 – 0.8 mm. Hair follicles collected from the donor area should be planted in the channels to be opened in FUE method.

Correct opening of these channels is very important because the direction, angle and frequency of the hair are directly related to the opening channels. Therefore, the opening of channels is the most important step in the success of an operation.

Micro channels are best opened with these special sapphire inserts. Hair follicles are planted in these channels opened with sapphire ends. These sapphire inserts are sharp, smooth and durable, between 1.0 -1.3 -1.5 mm. Because the small channels of the sapphire ends are of the hair root size, more channels are opened and the hair follicles are planted closer to each other. Thus, more natural hair is achieved.

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation with Sapphire Tip According to FUE Hair Transplantation with Metal Slit (Steel Slit):
  • With the FUE Hair Transplantation Method with Sapphire Tip, hair follicles are planted more frequently, thus obtaining a more natural appearance.
  • FUE hair transplantation with sapphire tip method is less after operation. Therefore, patients are more comfortable in every sense after the operation.
  • In FUE Hair Transplantation with Sapphire Tip, post-operative tissue healing is faster than metal slit due to the smaller opening of the ducts for sowing.
  • In FUE Hair Transplantation with Sapphire Tip, hair follicles are planted into channels of their size. Thus, the displacement of the sown roots and the angle settings are unlikely to change.

One of the most known methods of hair transplantation, DHI hair transplant, hair surgery is not applied to any of your hair. Our expert in DHI hair transplantation technique, carefully protecting your existing hair, carefully focuses on the gaps between the hair. The main purpose of your aesthetic surgeon is to have frequent and natural hair. Compared to classical hair transplantation techniques FUE and FUT techniques, DHI method is much faster and more effective in the postoperative recovery period. You should choose this method if you want to get results as soon as possible. Thus, you can return to your daily life in less time. DHI uses a special pencil-like hair transplantation device called Choipen (pencil) in hair transplantation. Hair follicles are sown one by one in the Choipen method. Thus, the most natural hair transplantation results are obtained.

DHI Hair Transplantation How?

Hair analysis with modern techno devices should be your priority. In this analysis, the structure, quality, quality, density of the hair wire, the keratin content and quality of the hair as the raw material, the durability of the hairs, the rate of hair loss and the reasons are investigated. After the decision on the most suitable hair transplantation method, the donor will be taken for hair intake – the density of the area to be selected and the number of grafts that can be harvested are calculated.

Before going into operation, your hair is cut to a certain length; design of your front hair finish line from the temples.

If your hair opening covers the entire upper part of your head, between 4000 and 7000 hair follicles are removed from the donor area. The local anesthesia or the most recent anesthesia application sedation method is applied to the donor area where hair follicles will be taken.

In hair transplantation procedures, nape hair is usually selected as donor area. The hair roots are carefully collected with a special device that will not cause any damage to the skin. Apart from the other methods, no unwanted holes are opened to the area where the hair will be planted.

Since there are both tissue and hair follicles inside the grafts, separation work is performed before the planting starts and hair roots are made suitable for planting. Hair grafts taken by pencil technique are classified as single, double and triple with a tissue preservative solution in order to prolong their tissue life and maintain their positive qualities and quality. The fact that the hair follicles do not remain under intense light and is at a suitable temperature is important in terms of being healthy.

After the removal of the hair tissue to be planted, sedation is applied to the region where you will have hair transplantation. Since there is no grooving procedure during the operation process, your hair transplantation specialist is placed in the area where the implant will be implanted with a pen-like medical device called implanter. The point to pay attention when placing the follicles to be planted is to be placed in the implant pens in accordance with the thickness of the grafts. When the planting is done, the pre-planned front hair line is started. Grafts that are carefully placed in the pencils are planted to suit the natural direction and angles of the hair. Your existing hair is thus protected and your planting is completed.

DHI Hair Transplantation Process

After the hair transplantation is completed and the planting in the region of the crusting occurs in 5-6 days. It takes about twenty days for these crusts to heal and shed. It takes about three months for you to see your fresh, fresh and fresh hair. If you can see all your planted hair, it takes a year with pleasing developments.

DHI Hair Transplant Advantages
  • Since there is no grooving application in DHI hair transplantation technique, the scabs that will be formed on your scalp will be poured and recovered more quickly.
  • New hair follicles, which will be planted separately from other hair transplantation methods, are placed in the area to be planted in an appropriate manner. Thus, the stage of development and growth of your planted hair becomes stronger and faster.
  • At the moment of hair transplantation, the outer membrane, which provides the protection of the hair glands and the oil glands required for the development of the hair, is taken together with the hair roots and adapted to the area to be sown.
  • No scalpel is used in DHI hair transplantation operations. Therefore, the possibility of infection at the time of operation is very low. The operation is painless and painless since there is no hole in the scalp.
  • Because the scalp skin strips are removed, other hair transplantation methods have a high assumption of scarring; however, there is no small scarring due to the special devices used in DHI hair transplantation.
  • In contrast to other methods, when using the DHI hair transplantation method, one of the roots removed from the donor area will have much healthier hair follicles as it is immediately passed to the area to be sown.
  • The DHI hair transplantation method allows the transport of many more roots than other methods; Therefore, after sowing you will get lush and dense hair.
  • Since a possible cutting is not performed, the direction and angle of hair removal are determined correctly. In this way, when your hair is stretched, it looks natural and aesthetic.

As in hair transplantation, beard and mustache transplantation procedures, the preferred method is also FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). It is the most preferred and most effective in world standards and does not involve any surgical procedures. In this simple and effective method that does not leave any scars, healthy hair roots, usually taken from the donor area determined as a nape area, are individually sown in the area where eyebrows are not removed. In this process, sensitive devices called micro motors are used.

One of the most important points in eyebrow transplantation is the correct determination of the angle of the roots to be planted. In order to prevent the growing eyebrows from becoming irregular or in the opposite direction, the roots to be planted should be transferred considering the natural outlet direction of the previous eyebrows.

How is the process after the process?

The redness and crusts that occur within a week following the eyebrow sowing process, average 2-3 weeks. During the next three months, the eyebrows begin to spill at regular intervals – this is completely normal. After the spill period, eyebrows begin to grow rapidly. 7 – After a period of 8 months, the eyebrows become the most natural.

Although they occupy little space, the eyebrows that directly affect the look and mimics of the person’s face as well as their appearance, are very important parts of the personal expression and image. Therefore, conditions such as eyebrows / dilutions that occur for a variety of reasons can lead to personal image / self-confidence problems that can reach people with psychological problems. At this point, the operation of the eyebrows, more frequent, full and efficient to make a preferred method of eyebrow sowing operation is entered.

As can be predicted, eyebrows are regularly taken, and therefore thinning in the eyebrows is more preferred in women who experience sparse, although the eyebrow transplantation is more preferred; It is also recommended for men who have dilated eyebrows because of external factors, genetic factors or various diseases.

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Mesotherapy is a treatment that stops hair loss and helps the new hair regrowth to help the thin and weakened hair regain its former form. Hair is necessary for the hair mineral and protein composition of the hair is injected into the hair is the process of injecting. Mesotherapy increases blood circulation in the scalp and slows down the hair before it is stopped, then stops and provides a better nutrition and healthy growth.

The number of sessions to be applied to the patient should be determined by the physician according to the type of shedding of the patient as a result of the hair examination. Once a week, a treatment plan is created. At least 6maktad8 sessions are held.

Hair mesotherapy about 30 min. takes. To the scalp 10–15 min. application of oxygenated steam. With the application of steam, the pores of the scalp are opened, cleaned and the pores are opened to the scalp, with the help of mesotherapy device, the drug prepared according to the patient’s spill type is injected. After mesotherapy, the patient should not wash his / her hair for 24 hours and should not use any product. Pain and redness do not occur in the scalp after mesotherapy, and the patient can continue his daily life.

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It is an operation for patients suffering from beard and mustache loss. Like hair, the beard and mustache also affect the appearance of men, and there are factors associated with testosterone hormone at the beginning of the spill. With the cultivation of beard and mustache, you can have the look you want. Micro FUE method is used for beard sowing. The hair roots are taken from the donor area and transplanted to the non-beard area. As it is accompanied by local anesthesia, pain and pain are not observed. There are no scars after the operation. If the donor area of the patient experiencing loss of beard and mustache is sufficient, sowing may be performed.

How to make beard plantations?

Beard planting is primarily the age limit and at least 18 years of age can be done to people with beard cultivation. Because in some of the young people who have not had a beard, even after the age of 18, the beard can come out. That is why we do not have a hint of beard and do not rush and what is not certain product, medicine, etc. It is like avoiding ridiculous things.

The beards of a bearded adult can only come off with beard cultivation, and the beard will never leave the beard with products advertised on the Internet without beard cultivation. Products with money calf should therefore be strictly avoided.

Hair – beard – eyebrows and mustaches can only be removed and extended if they have roots. It is not possible to remove and prolong hair without hair root.

In the beard planting, firstly the area to be beard is determined and the number of beard roots to be planted is determined. After the drawings of the area to be bearded, the final approvals are taken and the roots required for the necessary beard cultivation are obtained from the healthy hair follicles located in the nape of the hair. Root processing is carried out with automatic fue machines. Thanks to the automatic fue machines, the received roots are not damaged and allow the wounds to heal very rapidly in the region of the nape of the area where they are taken.

The beard roots, which are prepared and prepared for planting, are firstly cooled and the root cells are enriched with the stem cell-rich prp solution to make the roots more healthy. With this method, the beard cultivation is done only by us and the root cell enriched beard sowing is started.

Extra attention is given to every beard that is planted in the beard plant and beard planting is carried out carefully to ensure that every beard is sown. There are a lot of subjects to be successful in beard sowing and we have beard planting with 100% guarantee in all beard planting.

What are the Beard Sowing Prices and Offered Services?
  • Computerized free beard analysis before beard cultivation,
  • Blood tests required before beard transplantation,
  • Maximum beard cultivation in one session and solution in one session,
  • All of the medications that should be used after beard transplantation,
  • Medical shampoos which should be used after beard cultivation,
  • Special solutions after beard cultivation,
  • Unlimited control and support after beard cultivation,
  • Beard cultivation, if necessary with mustache cultivation or tightening,
  • Bizimle Temas Kurun

  • Bizimle İletişim Kurun



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