Maximum Graft Hair Transplantation

Without number limitation, we are adding the maximum number of hair roots to the area that is needed. We do not calculate the price calculation according to the number of hair follicles we planted. We offer the most successful result by making the highest graft transplant in one price. Hair transplantation is an operation that requires experience and expertise.

PRP Therapy

We offer 2 sessions of PRP treatment to our patients with hair transplantation. The purpose of this treatment is to ensure that the hair follicles emerge strongly and your existing weak hair becomes stronger and stronger.


In case of demand of our patients, we offer vip accommodation in our contracted hotels.


Our patients are brought to the hospital or hotel by our staff from the moment they arrive to Istanbul and the time of return is left by our staff.

Medicines and Shampoo

We recommend that you purchase our specially approved shampoos and medicines. You must use our medication to get your hair out quickly and more powerfully after the operation.

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