Mesotherapy is a treatment that stops hair loss and helps the new hair regrowth to help the thin and weakened hair regain its former form. Hair is necessary for the hair mineral and protein composition of the hair is injected into the hair is the process of injecting. Mesotherapy increases blood circulation in the scalp and slows down the hair before it is stopped, then stops and provides a better nutrition and healthy growth.

The number of sessions to be applied to the patient should be determined by the physician according to the type of shedding of the patient as a result of the hair examination. Once a week, a treatment plan is created. At least 6-8 sessions are held.

Hair mesotherapy about 30 min. takes. To the scalp 10–15 min. application of oxygenated steam. With the application of steam, the pores of the scalp are opened, cleaned and the pores are opened to the scalp, with the help of mesotherapy device, the drug prepared according to the patient’s spill type is injected. After mesotherapy, the patient should not wash his / her hair for 24 hours and should not use any product. Pain and redness do not occur in the scalp after mesotherapy, and the patient can continue his daily life.

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