As in hair transplantation, beard and mustache transplantation procedures, the preferred method is also FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). It is the most preferred and the most effective in world standards. In this simple and effective method that does not leave any scars, healthy hair roots, usually taken from the donor area determined as a nape area, are individually sown in the area where eyebrows are not removed. In this process, sensitive devices called micro motors are used.

One of the most important points in eyebrow transplantation is the correct determination of the angle of the roots to be planted. In order to prevent the growing eyebrows from becoming irregular or in the opposite direction, the roots to be planted should be transferred considering the natural outlet direction of the previous eyebrows.

How is the process after the process?

The redness and crusts that occur within a week following the eyebrow sowing process, average 2-3 weeks. During the next three months, the eyebrows begin to spill at regular intervals – this is completely normal. After the spill period, eyebrows begin to grow rapidly. 7 – After a period of 8 months, the eyebrows become the most natural.

Although they occupy little space, the eyebrows that directly affect the look and mimics of the person’s face as well as their appearance, are very important parts of the personal expression and image. Therefore, conditions such as eyebrows / dilutions that occur for a variety of reasons can lead to personal image / self-confidence problems that can reach people with psychological problems. At this point, the operation of the eyebrows, more frequent, full and efficient to make a preferred method of eyebrow sowing operation is entered.

As can be predicted, eyebrows are regularly taken, and therefore thinning in the eyebrows is more preferred in women who experience sparse, although the eyebrow transplantation is more preferred; It is also recommended for men who have dilated eyebrows because of external factors, genetic factors or various diseases.

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