One of the most known methods of hair transplantation, DHI hair transplant, hair surgery is not applied to any of your hair. Our expert in DHI hair transplantation technique, carefully protecting your existing hair, carefully focuses on the gaps between the hair. The main purpose of your aesthetic surgeon is to have frequent and natural hair. Compared to classical hair transplantation techniques FUE and FUT techniques, DHI method is much faster and more effective in the postoperative recovery period. You should choose this method if you want to get results as soon as possible. Thus, you can return to your daily life in less time. DHI uses a special pencil-like hair transplantation device called Choipen (pencil) in hair transplantation. Hair follicles are sown one by one in the Choipen method. Thus, the most natural hair transplantation results are obtained.

DHI Hair Transplantation How?

Hair analysis with modern techno devices should be your priority. In this analysis, the structure, quality, quality, density of the hair wire, the keratin content and quality of the hair as the raw material, the durability of the hairs, the rate of hair loss and the reasons are investigated. After the decision on the most suitable hair transplantation method, the donor will be taken for hair intake – the density of the area to be selected and the number of grafts that can be harvested are calculated.

Before going into operation, your hair is cut to a certain length; design of your front hair finish line from the temples.

If your hair opening covers the entire upper part of your head, between 4000 and 7000 hair follicles are removed from the donor area. The local anesthesia or the most recent anesthesia application sedation method is applied to the donor area where hair follicles will be taken.

In hair transplantation procedures, nape hair is usually selected as donor area. The hair roots are carefully collected with a special device that will not cause any damage to the skin. Apart from the other methods, no unwanted holes are opened to the area where the hair will be planted.

Since there are both tissue and hair follicles inside the grafts, separation work is performed before the planting starts and hair roots are made suitable for planting. Hair grafts taken by pencil technique are classified as single, double and triple with a tissue preservative solution in order to prolong their tissue life and maintain their positive qualities and quality. The fact that the hair follicles do not remain under intense light and is at a suitable temperature is important in terms of being healthy.

After the removal of the hair tissue to be planted, sedation is applied to the region where you will have hair transplantation. Since there is no grooving procedure during the operation process, your hair transplantation specialist is placed in the area where the implant will be implanted with a pen-like medical device called implanter. The point to pay attention when placing the follicles to be planted is to be placed in the implant pens in accordance with the thickness of the grafts. When the planting is done, the pre-planned front hair line is started. Grafts that are carefully placed in the pencils are planted to suit the natural direction and angles of the hair. Your existing hair is thus protected and your planting is completed.

DHI Hair Transplantation Process

After the hair transplantation is completed and the planting in the region of the crusting occurs in 5-6 days. It takes about twenty days for these crusts to heal and shed. It takes about three months for you to see your fresh, fresh and fresh hair. If you can see all your planted hair, it takes a year with pleasing developments.

DHI Hair Transplant Advantages
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