It is an operation for patients suffering from beard and mustache loss. Like hair, the beard and mustache also affect the appearance of men, and there are factors associated with testosterone hormone at the beginning of the spill. With the cultivation of beard and mustache, you can have the look you want. Micro FUE method is used for beard sowing. The hair roots are taken from the donor area and transplanted to the non-beard area. As it is accompanied by local anesthesia, pain and pain are not observed. There are no scars after the operation. If the donor area of the patient experiencing loss of beard and mustache is sufficient, sowing may be performed.

How to make beard plantations?

Beard planting is primarily the age limit and at least 18 years of age can be done to people with beard cultivation. Because in some of the young people who have not had a beard, even after the age of 18, the beard can come out. That is why we do not have a hint of beard and do not rush and what is not certain product, medicine, etc. It is like avoiding ridiculous things.

The beards of a bearded adult can only come off with beard cultivation, and the beard will never leave the beard with products advertised on the Internet without beard cultivation. Products with money calf should therefore be strictly avoided.

Hair – beard – eyebrows and mustaches can only be removed and extended if they have roots. It is not possible to remove and prolong hair without hair root.

In the beard planting, firstly the area to be beard is determined and the number of beard roots to be planted is determined. After the drawings of the area to be bearded, the final approvals are taken and the roots required for the necessary beard cultivation are obtained from the healthy hair follicles located in the nape of the hair. Root processing is carried out with automatic fue machines. Thanks to the automatic fue machines, the received roots are not damaged and allow the wounds to heal very rapidly in the region of the nape of the area where they are taken.

The beard roots, which are prepared and prepared for planting, are firstly cooled and the root cells are enriched with the stem cell-rich prp solution to make the roots more healthy. With this method, the beard cultivation is done only by us and the root cell enriched beard sowing is started.

Extra attention is given to every beard that is planted in the beard plant and beard planting is carried out carefully to ensure that every beard is sown. There are a lot of subjects to be successful in beard sowing and we have beard planting with 100% guarantee in all beard planting.

What are the Beard Sowing Prices and Offered Services?
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